What makes us better?

Here are 10 things you should know before buying new countertops.

  1. Exclusive & Unique

    Granite Transformations is the one and only company in Northeast Ohio providing a granite countertop solution as unique and remarkable as our product. Made from a combination of the world’s finest granite stones, our countertops consist of 95% stone and 5% polymer resin, making them stronger and more resilient than any “ordinary” slab granite on the market.

  2. Superior

    Granite Transformations - Cleveland, OH - ForeverSealGranite Transformations’ countertops are infused with ForeverSeal®, a state-of-the-art epoxy that makes them permanently non-porous and extremely resistant to heat, stains, and scratches. The durability and protection alone are why Granite Transformations’ products are decisively superior to alternative countertop solutions.

  3. Permanently Fits Right Over Existing Countertops

    Permanently bonded to virtually any surface, Granite Transformations’ countertops fit perfectly over top your existing countertops and backsplashes without any messy, time-consuming demolition.

  4. Maintenance Free

    Granite Transformations’ countertops are resistant to wear-and-tear and chemical agents, so you can experience the benefit of owning a granite countertop without any of the worry and stress. Not to mention, unlike ordinary slab granite, our countertops require no sealing or buffing, so the beauty and value you desire is preserved for a lifetime.

  5. No Messy Demolition & One Day Install

    With most slab granite countertops, installation can take up to a week. With Granite Transformations, however, most installations are done in a day. Because our countertops fit right over your existing countertops, there are no tear outs and no messy demolition. Our installations are quick, clean, and completed with the utmost professionalism.

  6. Granite Transformations - Cleveland, OH - limited lifetime warrantyWorry Free Lifetime Warranty

    Nobody wants to see their kitchen or bathroom investment go right down the drain. With ordinary slab granite, you will always be more susceptible to stains, scratches, cracks, and fading. With Granite Transformations’ products, however, there are no worries. Once installed, our countertops are beautiful for life. Even still, we go the extra mile and back our product with a Lifetime Warranty, giving you added peace-of-mind and confidence.

  7. Made in America

    At Granite Transformations, we manufacture our granite right here in the USA We also fabricate and install all of our own products. We take great pride in protecting our brand and ensuring the absolute, most superior product and service that our customers deserve.

  8. Colors & Seams

    Granite Transformations offers a large variety of stunning patterns, colors, and styles. So no matter what your taste, we have a flavor to match it. And if your countertops require a seam due to an angle, our product allows for a far more aesthetic, non-porous, and near-seamless look than anything you can achieve with ordinary slab granite.

  9. Cost-Effective

    Granite Transformations’ countertops are the ideal countertop for anyone who prizes quality, durability, and value. Dollar for dollar, pound for pound, over the lifetime of the countertop, we believe our counters will save you money. As opposed to ordinary slab granite, once our countertops are installed, there is no need to worry about ongoing maintenance or costly repairs. You will always get the highest grade granite available delivered at the most competitive price.

  10. Free In-Home Consultation & Clear-Cut Pricing

    With Granite Transformations, there are no guessing games or hidden costs. Our process starts with one of our experienced craftsmen visiting your home to discuss the scope of your project, present you with color samples and countertop options, and then carefully measure your existing surfaces to ensure that every detail is correct. Before leaving the home, you will receive, not just an estimate of the costs, but an “actual” price of the entire job – start to finish.

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